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The journey started 10 years back when we were mentored and moulded by a kind hearted angel who shaped our talents in the Modular Industry. We take this opportunity to thank her and hope the blessing continues forever. Woods Worth Industries was founded on 1st Oct 2006. Success reaches a person who aims for it and works towards it. We are in our 8th years celebration in achieving reputation from clients, dealers, bankers, etc., on quality delivery of our commitment.

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Modular Kitchen

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Modular Kitchen

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"We chose WoodsWorth Industries for its great offers and vast selection.We were able to make rapid progress with our new home thanks to the efficient andd flexible working style of Mr. Vadivel. Our WoodsWorth Industries ' has now become the best part of our dream home. I would gladly recommend WoodsWorth Industries to everyone." - Mr . Mukuthan

"I chose WoodsWorth Industries as I have some prior professional knowledge in this area and knew that they were easily the best compared to many such establishments that I had visited. WoodsWorth Industries integrates technology seamlessly with design and makes for a stunning kitchen." - Mr. Kalanidhi

I am Very Pleased and happy with the wonderful work done Mr.Vadivel in transforming my kitchen into a beautiful piece of art. He was very accomodative and full of ideas.His work was very professional and hassle free.Now i have a very comfortable and neat kitchen which i am proud of. Thanks to Mr.Vadivel." - Mrs.Maria Ramesh.s


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